As you know, Kim Kardashian West recently met with President Trump to discuss prison reform. During the meeting, Kardashian West specifically requested a pardon for Alice Marie Johnson. Trump granted Johnson clemency, instead, which was ultimately seen as a win for both women. 

Now, it looks like Kardashian West has more requests, and the names are more on the ... creative side. 

According to a Vanity Fair report, Kanye's wife gave Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a list of more people to pardon, that includes several hip-hop artists. Kardashian West worked closely with Kushner to coordinate her Johnson pardon request. 

"They're going to be pardoning a lot of people — pardons that even Obama wouldn't do," confirmed an unnamed source.

We don't know specific names yet, but Kushner is apparently "aggressively lobbying" his father-in-law to pardon the people on the list with the hope of making President Trump score points with liberals.

Pandering, much? 

lets pretend we like trump for a sec, then we do a 180 at those 2020 elections— M2 (@WhatItDoM2) June 13, 2018

Oh ok, so who are the Rappers who are in the list to be Pardon. Why is Trump and Kim hidding the names of the list or does anyone know?— Eli (@Eli_rend75) June 14, 2018

Kim K telling Trump to pardon rappers is fuckin weird bro like that’s really some “see i like black people” type shit y’all see right through it— Indigod (Prod. Jennifer) (@IndigodRLO) June 14, 2018

As Hot New Hip Hop notes, there are a number of rappers currently in need of a pardon, including Kodak Black, Max B, Bobby Shmurda, 03 Greedo and DMX.

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Though Meek Mill recently regained his freedom, a pardon for him could be a major public relations coup for Trump as well. 

Meh, we shall see.