Looking over this year's DOC NY festival, quite a bit I'd like to see, when the festival opens its doors on November 8 (through the 15th), here in NYC.

Like this one… titled Melvin & Jean: An American Story.

The fascinating story goes… when Melvin and Jean McNair hijacked a plane from Detroit to Algeria in 1972 with their two babies on board, they called it an act of political resistance. The hijacking was also an act of desperation committed by two people in their early twenties who saw no other way to escape what they felt was the constant state of racial oppression in America. Living in Paris for forty years after the hijacking and unable to return to the US, Melvin and Jean are still coming to terms with their act of crime and its lifelong consequences.

Intrigued? I hope so. 

Maia Wechsler is the film's director. 

This is a documentary film, but I think many of you would agree that this is a story that deserves the scripted narrative treatment. Just check out the 4-minute preview below: