Despite the cold weather, about 40 protestors gathered in Troy, New York on Saturday with hopes of bringing more attention to police brutality as well as calling for justice. 

"How many more? It really needs to stop! Not one more, prosecute the cops!" they chanted. 

According to the Times Union, the protest was organized to demand the prosecution of Troy police officer Jarrod Iler, who shot 22-year-old Dahmeek McDonald in Troy on Aug. 15 and Sgt. Randall French, who shot and killed Edson Thevenin of Watervliet on April 17, 2016. In addition, protestors demanded the resignation of Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel E. Abelove.

"We're here to keep the awareness up on the police brutality and the mistreatment of the people in the ghetto," said James Cooper, McDonald's uncle, who goes by the name Messiah.

"We want these police held accountable for their actions. We want (them) brought upon charges. And we'd like to be in on who's going to police us because, primarily, it's set up to police my community, no one else's."

Both McDonald and Thevenin were unarmed when they were fatally shot by the police. 

"I'm here to support accountability for the officers who have committed acts of violence against unarmed people," said Mari Matsuo, who attended the rally. "We're here to show them there are people in this community that are going to continue to come out and demand that change."

Police brutality is definitely alive and well. We commend all those who bring attention to it and push for change. Keep on marching, and don't ever let the cause die.