This morning The Breakfast Club and rapper/mogul Birdman collided in a brief exchange of words. What was to be a full-fledged interview became a two-minute tirade of Birdman wanting his R-e-s-p-e-c-k

Thus #RespectMyName was born. Here is Black Twitter's hilarious summary of the epic clapback.


1. Who knew Birdman was training for the National Spelling Bee.

2. Someone got their daily dose of "The Wire" this morning.

3. When two memes merge in comical matrimony.

4. The "Aretha Franklin Story" starring Birdman.

5. We have all been in his shoes at one time or another.

6. Whenever the teacher made this face, you knew you were in trouble.

7. When Birdman is tired of repeating himself.

8. Birdman's anger channeled this animated response.

9. All the family reunions ended like this.

10. If you've never done this, you a lie and the truth is not in you.

11. Another interpretation of the events this morning.

12. And one can't escape the Jordan face.

13. He even got the Spongebob treatment.

14. Instead of joining Kanye's "Grammy Family" Birdman joins an elite team.

15. When you and your squad have made your point, there's nothing left to do but...

16. And whether it's the stellar crying MJ edits or this guy's laughter, this hands down -- birdman rub -- is the best thing!

LOL! We're done.

Moral of the story. In trying to prevent playing himself, Birdman played himself. Don't be like Birdman.


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