A Georgia district attorney is reportedly investigating musician R. Kelly in the wake of the airing of Surviving R. Kelly, a documentary examining Kelly’s alleged crimes against women and children.

The Blast reports Fulton County, Georgia’s district attorney is reportedly gathering information about allegations of sexual misconduct occurring at Kelly’s Georgia mansion. So far, it is known officials have spoken with Asante McGee, one of Kelly’s accusers.

Law enforcement has yet to announce any charges, but the district attorney is believed to be looking into the false imprisonment charge. As Blavity has reported, some women claim Kelly kept them prisoner in a sex cult; however, other women, like Joycelyn Savage, claim they lived with R. Kelly under their free will.

Savage, 23, has been living with R. Kelly for many years. In Surviving R. Kelly, her parents discuss their concerns about their daughter's relationship with the artist and explain they have tried many times to get Savage to leave Kelly's home. They say they have always been unsuccessful and at times have been rebuffed by those in Kelly's employ.

Vulture reports police reports show Kelly's manager, Don Russell, threatened to "ruin" Savage's father Timothy if he participated in the documentary. The officer who filed the report was in the room when the manager called Savage to issue the threat and reportedly heard it after Timothy put the call on speakerphone.

Timothy Savage appeared in the documentary despite the threat; Russell is under investigation for intimidation. 

Like many of Kelly alleged victims, Joycelyn Savage was an aspiring singer and met Kelly when he shopped at her parents' store, Oxygen reports. She, too, has been called in by the Fulton County district attorney for questioning. It isn't clear whether she will cooperate with law enforcement; however, her parents have offered to answer any questions the DA might have for them.

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