In a two-minute and forty-second track that can only be described as a lot, R. Kelly’s brother, Carey ‘Killa’ Kelly, alleges many things that weren't heard on R. Kelly's 19-minute track "I Admit."

The track “I Confess” is Killa Kelly’s response to the song where R. Kelly tackles his feelings toward being ostracized from the public due to many allegations of rape and sexual misconduct against the pied piper. Within the song, R. Kelly also raps about how his relationship with his brothers has been strained and broken. 

“I admit I miss my brothers (brothers) / But I admit they weren’t acting like brothers (brothers),” R. Kelly sings. “Yeah we’ve had our differences / But you don’t turn on your brother (no) / For nothing, for no one, nada.”

In response, Killa Kelly held no punches by beginning, “Should’ve never said my name in the song, n***a,” and said his sibling intentionally spread STDs and isn't being forthright about his sexuality. 

“You gave them females some crazy disease / I want you to know that momma not pleased,” Killa raps. “Momma only got a $500 tombstone/ And it’s sad ‘cause that s**t hurt ‘cause he know it's dead wrong.”

R. Kelly was under investigation in April due to a 19-year-old woman's claims he had purposefully given her herpes while they were intimate. A month later, R. Kelly faced allegations of sexual assault and failure to disclose an STD by two women. 

Later in the track comes allegations concerning R. Kelly’s affairs with men: “Man, tell me how them n****as tight when they don’t got a wife / Somethin’ ain’t right, somethin’ smells fishy, what’s goin’ on? / What kinda man wanna stay a night at a man’s home?”  

Accusations from Killa Kelly are not new. In 2006, the rapper claimed his brother offered Killa Kelly a record deal, house and $50,000 if he publicly stated that it was he, and not R. Kelly, in the sex tape scandal that would eventually earn R. Kelly child pornography charges. He was later found not guilty of the charges.

Listen to Killa Kelly’s clapback below:

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