The black community in Chicago has had several bones to pick with its mayor Rahm Emanuel, of late, with anger growing over gentrification plans to his focus on police academy funding over education investment. 

Now, hundreds of students, parents and other activists are protesting to keep four Chicago Public Schools (CPS) located in the city's majority-black South Side open.

According to WGN Chicago, the city's school board is set to vote on Wednesday February 28 as to whether on not Harper High School, Hope High School, Robeson High School and Team Englewood High School can stay open. CPS would like to close them in the hopes of building an $85 million modern school to replace them (to be built at Robeson's current location).

CPS officials say that the schools have to be closed because enrollment has dropped; students and teachers retort that enrollment has fallen because the CPS has refused to invest in the four schools.

In 2013, 50 schools were shut down, many in minority areas. Frustrated and angry about yet another round of city school closings, the hashtag #RahmHatesUs was born; the hashtag trended on Twitter this week.

A large group of protesters marched from CPS headquarters to City Hall to let their concerns be heard. Early last week, a few hundred protesters swarmed to Mayor Emanuel's homes speak out against the school closings, per the Chicago Sun-Times.

Both students and parents alike pointed out how especially disappointing it was that the vote comes on the last day of Black History Month.

We have reached out to the Mayor's office for comment, and we will be sure to update you once we receive a response.