Rapper Yo-Yo has another story to add to the narrative surrounding R. Kelly.

The femcee said R. Kelly slipped her daughter his number through a member of his team while they were at the singer’s studio to listen to his new album. Yo’s daughter didn’t say anything until they left.

“I actually went to listen to his music and my daughter came with me,” she told TMZ. “The sad part was when we got home, my daughter said, ‘Mom, someone passed me R. Kelly’s number. I said, ‘What!?’ She’s like, ‘Mom, please don’t say nothing. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you.’”

Her daughter was an adult at the time, but the incident still shook Yo-Yo.

“I didn’t say anything, but you know, it really let me know there is a real problem,” she said. “It really let me know that there really is a problem because with all of that that was going on for that to still happen — and it happened to me. I was thinking I’m your friend. I come here with my daughter who’s over 21, but you don’t know my daughter’s age, and behind my back? You will slide my daughter your number? That’s just weird to me, like a weirdo. Who would do that?”

The account comes shortly after it was revealed restrictions have been placed on the “Trapped in the Closet” singer’s Chicago studio.

Cook County Judge Patrice Ball-Reed said the warehouse containing the studio could only be used to create music, reports The Chicago Sun-Times.

“It looks like people are living there, and that’s not good,” Ball-Reed said. “Someone is living there.”

 An inspection of the building found over 60 code violations, including bathtubs without drains, fire hazards and unsafe stairs. Ball-Reed barred access to the second floor due to the stairs. The inspection also noted the studio was built without permits or plans given to the city. Kelly also owes more than $170,000 in back rent and legal fees.

Robert Sims, Kelly’s property lawyer, denies anyone ever lived in the space.

“A facility [bathroom] on the premises does not a residence make,” Sims said. “A couch on the premises does not make it a living room.”

He also believes R. Kelly’s reputation, not safety, prompted the search.

“We do feel that this was a manufactured emergency,” Sims said. “There was no emergency here all along.”

Another hearing on the property is scheduled for February 7.

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