#NoShaveNovember has arrived and everyone is here for it

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| November 01 2016,

6:09 pm

Most of the population is embracing this month with open arms.

Others, however, aren't as excited.

But who wouldn't love the opportunity to truly put self-care and manscaping first?

What about the warm, fuzzy feeling one could get by donating to a cause that is raising money and awareness for life-altering illnesses such as prostate or colon cancer?

Who'd hate on a chance to marvel at this?

Much love to all these guys! The conversation was hilarious, and they had great energy and positive vibes! #BlackMenWithBeards A photo posted by Black Men With Beards™ (@blackmenwithbeards) on

Or this?

For the Culture 🇬🇭🌍 w/@yawamoakogh Photo Cred: @agyeiphotography Blazers by: @ruva_afric_wear

A photo posted by Justin Kwamina Spio (@justinspio) on

...or this?

No matter where you stand on #NoShaveNovember, we're ABSOLUTELY here for this.

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