Reneé Rapp had fans gagging after bringing out Bryson Tiller at her recent show in Los Angeles.

Rapp, known for her roles on The Sex Lives of College Girls on Max and Mean Girls on Broadway, was 16 years old when she went viral for covering the R&B singer’s hit song “Don’t” on the former video-sharing outlet Vine in 2016. Videos of her singing other Tiller songs, including “Exchange,” also went viral. Years later, she’s a rising pop star with her first full-length album, Snow Angel. 

While most fans are familiar with Rapp’s TV and Broadway appearances, music was always her first choice. She initially garnered a significant social media presence through her acting skills. However, her fanbase realized she is a talented singer when she started covering Tiller’s songs on social media.

It all came full circle when she performed “Exchange” and brought Tiller out for her show over the weekend. Several fans posted the footage on TikTok.

@danigolub Renee surprised us with a cover of exchange with Bryson Tiller in LA! #reneerapp #leightonmurray #renee #thegreektheatre #brysontiller ♬ original sound – Dani Golub Burns

@kayla__fraser RENEÉ TILLER EVERYONE #reneerapp #reneetiller #brysontiller #exchange #greektheatre @reneé @Bryson Tiller ♬ original sound – kayla fraser

Rapp also stitched one of the videos of herself on TikTok, reliving the moment.


#stitch with @Dani Golub Burns

♬ original sound – reneé

“I’m still kind of geeked, kicking my little feet,” Rapp said while laughing in the 14-second clip. “That was cool.”

The post has amassed more than 206,300 views, with fans sharing their thoughts on the performance.


“The ppl who kno Renee from vine know how legendary this is 💯💯💯💯💯” another wrote.

“Seeing the original video first then seeing this just makes this so much better,” a third person wrote.