Rep. Hakeem Jeffries quoted one of the most famous lines in all of hip-hop Tuesday during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. 

When President Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow asked as part of his defense, “Why are we here?", Jeffries responded with a quote from Biggie's 1994 classic "Juicy."

“We are here, sir, because President Trump corruptly abused his power and then he tried to cover it up,” Jeffries said. “That is why we are here Mr. Sekulow. And if you don’t know, now you know."

The reference received plenty of attention, even garnering a supportive tweet from former Attorney General Eric Holder.

As the representative of Biggie's hometown of Brooklyn, Jeffries has consistently paid tribute to the late rapper over the course of his career, previously offering a tribute during the 20th anniversary of the rapper's death in August 2017.

"Biggie Smalls. Frank White. The King of New York. He died 20 years ago today in a tragedy that occurred in Los Angeles, but his words live on forever," Jeffries said at the time, according to a video published by C-Span

In the days following his speech honoring Biggie, during an interview with CNN, Jeffries defended what many deemed to be inappropriate for the House floor.

"Given the fact that people all over the country and, indeed, throughout the world were marking the 20th anniversary of Biggie's untimely passing, I thought it was appropriate given that I represent the community which gave Biggie Smalls to the world," he told Wolf Blitzer. "That I at least give him the same amount of respect as other significant cultural figures have been given in the history of the United States."

Earlier this month, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced that Biggie will be among the institution's 2020 inductees.