Rep. Barbara Lee (D) schooled Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos during a meeting to discuss the President’s 2019 Education Budget this week. 

Lee gave DeVos a lesson about the unfair and unequal punishments such as suspensions black and brown students face compared to their white classmates. 

"The issue is the differing of punishment by race for the same type of infraction, the disparity there as it relates to suspensions and expulsions,” Lee said.  “For the same infraction, Black and brown students are expelled at a much higher rate. That’s what you call racial bias and racism.”

Lee went on to explain her thoughts on the School Marshal Program. A bill that will initiate $67 million to train teachers to use firearms. The bill has already been approved by the Florida House Appropriations Committee, according to The Hill

Lee tried her best to get through DeVos' head that arming teachers with guns would not create solutions, but rather create more problems and potentially fatal outcomes. 

Despite her efforts, DeVos never answered any of her questions directly. Instead, Devos made excuses for why she never replied to Lee's letter asking her about segregation in schools back in June. 

“Madam Secretary, you just don’t care much about civil rights of black and brown children,” Lee said. “This is horrible.”

DeVos has made recent headlines, for her lack of knowledge on anything pertaining to her role as Secretary of Education. An embarrassing interview with 60-Minutes revealed that DeVos has not done much of anything to support or improve poor performing schools.