Kandi Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce Jones, never holds back how she feels about her son-in-law, Todd Tucker. Her recent comments about her wishing Burruss married a man who was on the same financial level as Burruss has fans believing she doesn’t like Tucker because she is competing for Burruss’ money. Social media users have been blasting The Real Housewives of Atlanta star on Twitter since the latest comments were made.

Mama Joyce is at it again

During BravoCon 2022, Mama Joyce struggled to say nice things about Tucker. After revealing on a panel next to her sisters known as the Old Lady Gang, Joyce told the audience that she wishes Tucker was on the same financial level and on the same industry level as Burruss before they married. “I wish she would have married someone with a decent job,” Joyce quipped.

She later sat next to Burruss and couldn’t name three positive attributes about Tucker. Joyce then added: “Him and I are getting along much better”. But fans aren’t happy about it

Fans are over Mama Joyce and says she wants Kandi Burruss' money

In addition to fans believing Mama Joyce is out of line, they believe Burruss hasn’t set firm enough boundaries. They also say Joyce feels intimidated by Tucker’s place in Burruss’ life because she wants access to Burruss’ money.