When it comes to Russell Wilson, former teammates Richard Sherman and Marshawn Lynch are not as enchanted as the rest of the world. The two talked about the Denver Bronco quarterback on Sherman’s podcast, The Richard Sherman Podcast, and may have thrown some shade, Total Pro Sports reports.

Sherman and Lynch were chatting about Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 — the three played on the same football team — when Wilson’s recent games, which haven’t been the best, came up.

“He on the struggle bus,” Sherman said. Lynch agreed, adding that he wants to reach out to the Denver Bronco.


Lynch then alluded to the fact that Wilson may not be down to keep in touch with his former teammates.

“Yeah, we talk to him — his manager. His manager,” he continued.

It appears Lynch doesn’t appreciate having to go through a middleman to contact Wilson.


“If I can’t call you direct, I ain’t calling you — especially if I went to war with you,” he said.

However, that isn’t stopping him from wanting to reach out.

“But I do man,” he added. “Because the backlash that bro just got — and I know he’s one of them heady guys, so like I just wanna tap in with him and make sure dog solid.”

Sherman pointed out that Wilson bringing home $245 million over the course of his career turns the pressure up exponentially, but Lynch still thinks the backlash Wilson has gotten for his play on the Broncos has gone “off the deep end,” and he worries about his mental health.

According to Sports Illustrated, Wilson discussed Lynch last Friday, while taking the podium to shed light on his strategy with the Broncos moving forward, and he had nothing but kind words about his former teammate.

“He’s always been amazing,” Wilson said, according to the outlet. “Just how he’s gone about things, how he’s been such an amazing competitor — one of the best people I’ve ever played with.”

Though it’s been a rocky start with the Broncos, the quarterback is staying positive and believes in his process as a player, Sports Illustrated reports.

“I’ve been in tough times before and come out on the other end of it — gone to the playoffs and all of those other great things,” Wilson said. “Everything that we want is still in front of us. We have to play great this week and keep going.”