Rico Nasty is one of the industry's innovative genre-benders, blending hip-hop, rock, DMV go-go and grunge into her sound. The DMV, Afro-Latina artist, broke into music after losing her teenage love, and the father of her child, when he died from an asthma attack. The single mother has made a name for herself in the rap game during her humble beginnings using music as an outlet to heal, make it out of Prince George's County, Maryland, and break barriers. 

While opening for Playboi Carti on his King Vamp tour (formerly known as the Narcissist tour), Rico Nasty received a less than warm reception.

At the Forum in Los Angeles (Nov. 6), the DMV punk-rap princess got booed by Playboi Carti fans, who either were not feeling her music or were too impatient to wait to see Carti perform.

The "Smack a Bitch" artist did not back down and clapped back at the crowd, calling them "disrespectful mf-ers" and saying that instead of performing, they would all sit in silence.

The following day, she shared her thoughts about the incident on Twitter, calling Carti fans an "Anti-black ass crowd. Weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes."

"Ugh. Get me out of here," she tweeted.

Footage posted to social media from Saturday in Portland, Oregon, shows The Nightmare Vacation rapper, unfortunately, getting disrespected once again after a fan allegedly threw a bottle at her.

In the video, she tells security to "come and get this n****" before plunging into the crowd herself to confront the bottle-thrower.

Despite all the hate and the crowd's lack of appreciation, Rico has received widespread support from multiple artists and producers. Artists like Doja Cat, Aminé, Metro Boomin and even Coi Leray took to social media to defend the rap star to remind her of how dope she is.


On Twitter, "Caroline" rapper Aminé said to put some respect on his friend and collaborator's name. "rico nasty forever . u n***as bums," he tweeted. 

Doja Cat

On TikTok, Doja Cat made a comment saying the concert crowd didn't deserve to see Rico's performance. "They don't even deserve to be witnessing my b**ch live [a] bunch of f***ing low-life ass b**ches," Doja wrote regarding her "Tia Tamera" collaborator. 

Doja Cat took the love from TikTok to Twitter, where she changed her profile photo to an image of Rico Nasty. Rico then returned the favor.

Metro Boomin

Producer Metro Boomin tweeted his thoughts on the incident, saying to "Protect Rico Nasty at all costs" from the uncultured crowd. He followed the tweet with the statement, "We must ALWAYS protect our queens!"

Coi Leray

Coi Leray came to her former rival's defense with no hesitation, saying Rico Nasty is a "great performer" and advising Rico to ignore the internet and its false stories. 

"Rico is a great performer. Regardless of our differences, the media really tries to control situations, and it shows but always remember you can’t stop greatness. F*ck the haters!" Leray tweeted. 

Last year, the two rap stars argued over accusations about a makeup artist that became friends with Coi Leray after falling out with Rico Nasty. The Twitter beef went on for about an hour before the two hung it up. It's nice to see the two finally playing nice.

Kenny Beats

Also defending Rico was producer Kenny Beats, who tweeted out against Carti's fans, saying, "Don't ever fix your mouth to say anything about Rico Nasty if it's not 'legend' 'icon' or 'innovator.' " 

Rico saw his tweet and replied, "Period, Kenny get ya cousins."

Beats would know all about Rico Nasty's talent after working with the DMV artist on multiple projects — one being the joint mixtape Anger Management in 2019. The two have been an undeniable pair in the rap game since. To further show his support, Beats surprised Rico Nasty on stage over the weekend.

JT of the City Girls

City Girls rapper JT shared her opinion on the disrespectful crowd, saying the situation wasn't a laughing matter.

"I want them to stop disrespecting her that shit not cool! Or nothing to laugh about!!!!!!" she tweeted.

On the bright side, Rico Nasty was met with nothing but love during the tour's San Francisco stop. 

It's nice to see that celebrities have each other's backs when things get rough. Despite disrespectful fans here and there, Rico Nasty is choosing to stay on tour, stating that she won't stop performing "'cause a real bitch getting paid regardless."