Rihanna has once again teamed up with long-time boyfriend A$AP Rocky for her latest campaign promoting Fenty Beauty‘s Lux Balm.

In the ’50s-inspired short film titled Born to Steal: Yours, Mine, Ours, Rihanna is portrayed as a sexy bandit who hoards clothes. As the short clip begins, the narrator describes Rihanna’s character as a “classy dame” with “odd ways of showing her affection.” The narrator goes on to say that this same woman has stolen his heart and his stuff.

A$AP Rocky later appears on the screen as Rihanna’s character is stealing from his closet.  While the woman walks out with his blazer a short time later, Rocky watches her helplessly through the window.

“Although the female’s choices are endless, she borrows from the male for her camouflage,” the narrator says in the clip. “The more savage of the species, the females are known to hoard from the unsuspecting males.”

Rocky is stunned as he sees Rihanna walking out with his blazer.

“She did not steal my blazer. I can’t steal any of her clothes,” he says while applying the Fenty Lux Balm to his lips.

Rihanna steals a lot more from the man, including his blanket when they’re sleeping and his pancakes at breakfast. However, when she tries stealing his lip balm, the rapper finally draws the line.

“Not so fast, baby. This one’s mine,” the narrator says as A$AP Rocky gazes into the camera while the film concludes.

The famous couple appeared together in another Fenty Beauty campaign for Lux Balm in January. The clip featured A$AP Rocky posing with Lux Balm while his “RIOT (Rowdy Pipe’n)” song track plays in the background.

Check out the latest campaign for Lux Balm below!