Former Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore lost his seat after allegations he pursued teenage girls in his 30s. Now Moore and Republicans are rallying against the present Supreme Court Justice Doug Jones.

Though Moore is not officially in the race, he had 27 percent support in a new Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy Inc. report — with a nine-point lead over his next closest competitor Rep. Mo Brooks.

“I’m seriously considering it,” Moore told a Christian radio host last month. “I think that [the 2017 Senate race] was stolen.”

Moore would face a tougher challenge this time around as the same poll shows 45 percent of Alabama voters approve the job Jones — a Democrat — is doing, with only 44 percent disapproving, even with Alabama being a predominantly Republican state.

Just as in 2017, Jones would also need a surge of black voters to maintain his seat; currently, 84 percent of African Americans support his re-election, with white people polled at 20 percent.

Following his 2017 allegations, nearly 30 percent of Alabama Republicans now Moore as unfavorable — a high percentage as the lowest unfavorable rating for potential candidates was eight percent.

Nationally, Democrats feel uneasy heading into the Alabama election, but a solace for many is the knowledge that Jones defeated Moore in the past. 

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