When it comes to exercise, most of us know the many benefits that come from running. Although it helps to strengthen your leg muscles and can even help some people lose weight, running will also boost your mood when you're feeling down. Studies show that when people partake in strenuous running, they experience a feeling of euphoria

Woman running on track
Photo: JET
The study was completed with 80 men and women. At the beginning of the study, they filled out a questionnaire that provided some detail on their emotional state. Afterward, half the group went jogging for 30 minutes, while the others stretched. After the 30 minutes, the participants completed another questionnaire. The results showed that those who went running felt happier than those who stretched

mood booster
Photo: Madison 365
Exercising, in general, is always a fun way to relieve some stress for me. On some of my worst days, just going for a run has cheered me up. It's great for getting your body to release endorphins that will boost your mood. So the next time you're feeling blue and just can't seem to find some inner peace, running could be your ticket to happiness

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