We’ve all had that moment when we see a small puddle and briefly consider faking a fall to get a hefty payout. However, because we have a conscience and home training we’ve never gone through with it.

Alexander Goldinsky’s mama clearly didn’t raise him right because he was caught on camera dumping ice on a floor at his job to stage a slip and fall, reports The Gothamist.

The 57-year-old didn’t even have the decency to make the fall look realistic for the camera. He used a counter to carefully lower himself to make sure he didn’t get hurt.

Investigators say Goldinsky remained on the floor until someone discovered him. He later filed an insurance claim for an ambulance and treatment he received for the phony injury. The incident happened in 2018, and he was arrested on January 15, according to ABC 13. The New Jersey resident was charged with theft by deception and insurance fraud. He was released with a summons for a February court date.

When CBS 2 approached Goldinsky at his home, he had a different story.

“Yes, I was brought to the police department,” he told the station. When asked about the ice, he replied, “I didn’t do it, it was a mistake.”

He eventually refused to speak without a lawyer present. The investigation is still active.

Gotsta be more careful!

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