After a GQ thirst trap of a photoshoot featuring the men of Insecure, which was released last week, the "no homo" side of the internet felt the need to give their two cents. While some viewers found the photos impeccably executed, others felt it rendered a "pause." However, actor Sarunas Jackson, who plays Dro on the hit series, wasn't afraid to call out the homophobic rhetoric.

In the spread, which is featured in GQ's comedy issue, along with Issa Rae's cover story, Jackson can be seen alongside Jay Ellis, Daniel Y’lan Noel, Wade Allain-Marcus and Neil Brown Jr. The shirtless men can be seen in the pool, in their towels in the sauna and comedically showing off their physiques. 

What was meant to be nothing more than a fun, thirst inducing shoot, ended up producing some homophobic responses. According to The Jasmine Brand, it lead Jackson to take to his social media to address the problematic responses the men have received. 

“I’m just going to give this a little bit of attention. I’m not bothered, it does need to be addressed. It’s about the GQ spread me and the fellas from Insecure just did. Me and the fellas did a shoot with GQ – as you guys know – and we had a great time. It was fun and it was a blessing. I was very grateful to be apart of GQ, it’s been a lifelong goal,” he can be heard saying.

“Mind you, this was for the GQ Comedy issue," he continued. "Say that again: GQ’s Comedy issue. Now, if you been following me – or if you know me personally – you know, I ride for my people [black people]. I ride for my culture. Now, I’m also going to hold you accountable, no matter who you are. It doesn’t even matter about culture. Period.”

As LGBTQ+ Pride Month is upon us, Jackson makes it clear that homosexuality is not an insult. 

“How homophobic can people be? You know, we’re a group of men, who had our shirts off and we’re doing GQ Comedy issue, and we’re being called gay, up and down, right? Mind you, none of us are gay in that group, and even if any of us were, who cares? That’s not the issue. I’ll tell [you] what the problem is, though,” he added. 

“You guys are using homosexuality as a negative. 2. Accusing us of being ‘cause why? Why? It’s a big problem in the black community. Get secure with yourself, get secure. Ironically, our show title is perfect for a lot of you motherfuckers out there; dead ass! On top of that, the shining the light on the colorism. All the light skin dudes were gay – automatically. Crazy, y’all. Crazy.”

It seems Jackson hasn't been holding his tongue lately. He recently spoke out after making headlines for allegedly fathering a child with fellow Insecure actor Dominique Perry. 

"Speaking aimlessly is ignorant. How people speak without confirmation or facts baffles me. How thirsty for 'tea' are people to create situations that never existed. STFU and get y’all facts straight. Invest in ya own life and maybe you’ll do something lol," he tweeted. 

All we know for sure is that Insecure will be back for a third season on HBO on August 12 and according to the trailer, Issa's back to rapping in the mirror. Needless to say, it's finna be lit.