Icy Queen Saweetie teaches the girls that beauty is only skin deep, but being a PRETTY B.I.T.C.H is forever.

In a video shared to her Instagram account, Saweetie, born Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, instructed a class at 1500 Academy called the "PRETTY B.I.T.C.H Renaissance Workshop." She taught the small class of young women the importance of being a boss. In the multiple-video post, the 28-year-old rapper places red-colored paper and roses on the desks of the participants in the class.

"Pretty is like your aura, your confidence, it's how you treat other people — and it's a pretty b**** Renaissance course," Saweetie said.

She further explains the acronym meaning behind the title of her class, "Pretty B.I.T.C.H."

"Now B.I.T.C.H, B = Boss, I = Independent, T = Tough, C = CEO, And I'm from the Bay, H = Hyphy," Saweetie said.

Saweetie then asks the participants to introduce themselves to the class and name one thing they love about themselves — afterward; the course will chant, "We agree."

"Admire yourself, appreciate yourself. Talk about how smart you are, how sexy you are, how much you appreciate your body, how much you are for other people," Saweetie said. "Your confidence, how you make other people laugh."

Saweetie then instructs the class to set the alarm for the following Monday, so they will remember to open the love letter that they have written to themselves during the course to start their week strong and "filled with love."