The CW series The L.A. Complex will not be renewed for a 3rd season, as its been canceled by its Canadian parent, Bell Media, due to low ratings; Although it's apparently been drawing a larger crowd here in the USA on the CW network.

So what does that mean for USA fans? Might the network decide to pick up where Bell Media left off, and take over the series, so that it can continue airing it here in the USA, where it's doing better?

No word on that yet, as no decision has been made public by the CW. Although it's said that the network is in discussions with with Epitome Productions – the production company behind the series – who are said to be shopping it around to other Canadian networks as well.

However, the outlook for a renewal is grim, with the actors expected to be released from their contracts by end of today, Monday.

Fans of the series will be disappointed as season 2 ended with several cliffhangers involving key characters.

However, you can continue to support Andra Fuller, who plays Kal, on the Black & Sexy TV/Issa Rae web series collab, RoomieLoverFriends.

No word on what other projects Benjamin Charles Watson (Tariq) is attached to.