Even legends have “mom” moments. Retired tennis star Serena Williams recently posted a TikTok with her adorable daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. In the clip, the 5-year-old is extremely excited to show off her collection of cat toys.

Ohanian rips open the mystery toys and reveals them to be tampons.

“What is that?” Williams asks her daughter with a calm voice.

“A cat toy for Karma,” Ohanian replies.

When her mother asks her again, the cutie repeats the statement even louder. Williams then clarifies that their pet cat’s name is Karma. She then stares into the camera, bewildered, while her mini-me proceeds to rip open another tampon.

“You have some more cat toys? Let’s not play with too many of those,” she says.

“I’m just using one more,” Ohanian explains, pleading her case as to why she needs to find the right one.

Wiliams loses this match and playfully covers her face in defeat.

“Who am I to steal her joy? It’s a Cat Toy! Don’t @ me #OlympiasWorld,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Although Williams watched her tampon supply decrease, commenters thought the exchange was hilarious.