Uh-oh… from The Hollywood Reporter:

Seven Advertisers Drop Out of ‘The Playboy Club’ After PTC Calls for Boycott… Citing the show’s dismal ratings, the group’s [The Parents Television Council’s] president says, “‘The Playboy Club’ is a commercial disaster and must be removed from the airwaves.”

The rest HERE. But it’s been on the air now for… 2 weeks, right? Is it only a matter of time before the proverbial balcony closes? According to THR, ratings dropped 19% in its second week.

Who’s been watching? Maybe now is a good time for an open thread on the show, and maybe specifically Naturi Naughton’s involvement… I know some weren’t too happy with how Bunny Brenda is written.

And I don’t want this to become some bash-fest. I’m looking for informed reactions and analyses of the show and its characters.

Dig in.