We know that some people, maybe a lot of people, were upset that Marvel Studios’ new Spider-man is white. And that when Sony announced that Miles Morales, the half-black, half-Latino Spider-man, would get an animated movie, it felt to some like a slight.

But hopefully the news The Hollywood Reporter broke today about the cast of the animated Morales movie will brighten a few jaded eyes.

After a lot of rumors and some misdirection, it turns out that Shameik Moore will be voicing Miles for the movie. Moore will be picking up where Donald Glover left off, Childish having voiced the character for a Disney animated series.

Moore, as you all know, broke out in the indie picture Dope, and currently stars as Shaolin Fantastic on Netflix’s The Get Down. He also, like Glover, raps in addition to acting.

The villain of the piece is unannounced, but it has been confirmed that Ray Donovan actor and Marvel veteran Liv Schreiber will play the heel. In Fox’s live action X-Men films (separate from the Disney/Marvel and Sony continuities), Schreiber plays Sabretooth, arch-nemesis to Wolverine and member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The movie will be written and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of Lego Movie and young Han Solo fame) and directed by The Little Prince’s writer, Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey of Rise of the Guardians.

So. In short, it may be a while before we finally get to see our favorites from the all-new, all-diverse Marvel in a live action context. But if Robert Downey, Jr. can’t be replaced by say, Sasheer Zamata playing Riri Williams, at least we get Moore as an animated Miles Morales. 

And you know what, maybe this is a good thing — all of the animated forays into the Spider-Man universe have been better than the live action entries anyway, right?