Currently shooting on location in Johannesburg, South Africa is Pia Marais’ Layla Fourie – a thriller that centers on a young single mother in whose life becomes entangled in lies, fear and suspicion after taking a job administering polygraph tests, and she soon becomes a suspect herself.

Produced by Germany's Pandora Film Produktion, South Africa's DV8 Films/Zinebar, IDTV (Netherlands), Cinema Defacto (France) and WDR/ARTE, the English-language Layla Fourie stars black British actress Rayna Campbell (photo above) as the title character, and August Diehl (who most will remember from Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds playing SS-Sturmbannführer Dieter Hellstrom).

The Match Factory is selling the film globally.

Rayna Campbell is one Brit actress we really haven't talked about here; and that might be because she's still relatively new to the industry (if her IMDB page is accurate), and she's done primarily British television and stage work; Maybe our Brit readers can chime in.

Layla Fourie is scheduled to debut in 2013, and I'll be tracking its progress from here on.

Watch Rayna below in a BBC short film she co-starred in titled Bordeland, playing a Kenyan asylum seeker, for a sample of her talents:

Part 2: