Legendary music executive, Shanti Das has taken on a mission to debunk, dispel, and mute the stigmas on mental health. For those who are uninformed of her reputable contributions to the Hip-Hop culture, Shanti has served as a staple in the careers of some of your favorite artists. From Outkast to Usher, Jeezy to Toni Braxton her career expands an illustrious 20 plus years. As a well established and respected figure in the industry, Shanti has not lost her passion for pushing the culture forward. In her latest endeavor, she is extending her reach to tackle a prevalent issue in our society, but also one close to home.

Silence the Shame is a mental health initiative that Shanti Das has begun to develop which openly addresses the stigmas and misconceptions we have about mental health. As an advocate and warrior in her own battle with depression and anxiety, Shanti found herself in a position where sanity became her first priority. After doing what so many fear to do; taking a step back from her high-end career as a top music industry executive to prioritize her wellbeing, Shanti found herself on a journey that lead her to assist others in facing their mental health challenges. While mental health is no light subject, especially in communities of color, Shanti Das is finding a way to normalize conversations around healing and management. With the Silence the Shame initiative Shanti has created a podcast by the same name found on iTunes, she has engaged some of her celebrity peers, and growing her reach to colleges and community. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and on May 5th, Shanti will digitally launch the campaign for Silence the Shame. She will be introducing more of the world to her endeavor and her mission to combat the stereotypes of mental health. On May 6th, in Atlanta Georgia, she will be holding the first Silence the Shame Mental Health fair where she will have Healthcare providers, people who have found treatment and who battle, various vendors and much more. With the world beginning to adjust for conversations about these topics and global influences such as Prince William and Lady Gaga opening up about their own experiences, the atmosphere is perfect for putting a silence to the shame.