Update (May 24, 2021):  In an utterly dominant performance in the U.S. Classic, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles nailed a series of awe-striking, athletic feats in an outfit truly symbolic of her G.O.A.T. status. 

Over the weekend, Biles sported a white leotard with a rhinestone goat as she impressed spectators with moves they haven’t seen from her since she last competed in 2019. Fans of the talented athlete wrote that her decision to wear the “goat” leotard was a shrewd way of expressing her domination over her peers. 

“That was a very smart move to put the Goat on her back. Because that let her competition know their fate and where they will finish in the competition. Behind the greatest of all time. You have to believe It to achieve It,” a Twitter user wrote. 

During the competition, Biles landed the rare Yurchenko double pike, an intricate maneuver that incorporates a roundoff, back handspring, a vault, and a series of flips performed at an incredible speed.

As Blavity previously reported, the 24-year-old said she had to give herself a small pep talk in anticipation of the difficult routine. 

"I was really nervous chalking up," Biles said in a post-training press conference. "I was like, 'It's OK, I've done this so many times.' I've been doing it for months now. So I felt prepared and I knew I was prepared, it was just the initial landing out there in the arena."

Although she didn’t execute a perfect landing, she still managed to nail the trick. 

“I know it’s not the correct one, but I can still do it,” Biles told the Associated Press over the weekend. “So why not just show off my ability and athleticism?”

According to ESPN, Biles started experimenting more in her craft after she heard the news of the 2020 Olympics being postponed.

The gold medalist shared that she thinks the 6.6 start value for the Yurchenko double pike isn't as high as it should be and that it should be scored in line with its difficulty. 

"That's on the [International Federation of Gymnastics], that's not on me," Biles said. "They have an open-end code of points, and now they're mad people are too far ahead and excelling."

The gymnast’s all-around score of 58.400 in her first event in almost two years earned the best score of the night.

Original (May 21, 2021): Showing off her greatness, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles flawlessly landed the Yurchenko double pike on Friday, becoming the first woman to achieve such a vault.  

Ahead of Saturday’s U.S. Classic, Biles stunned her trainer and those present during her podium training in Indianapolis, ESPN reported.