A year ago, Rihanna changed the game with Fenty Beauty, and a few of her admirers showed some love to commemorate the brand’s anniversary.

The Bajan beauty graced the cover of Allure’s October issue with her face beat with her products. The magazine got a few people to write Rih-Rih letters expressing what she means to them, and it’s clear her influence is immeasurable.

Model and Fenty muse Slick Woods, who went into labor at the Savage X Fenty fashion show, thanked the Oceans 8 star for bringing diversity to the beauty world.

“You made inclusivity cool, and that’s revolutionary,” Woods wrote. “Now people are putting money toward inclusion, rather than putting money toward a certain supremacy. It’s a beautiful switch in pace. You have my loyalty until the end of time.”

Rihanna “superfan” Kim Johnson wrote about the singer’s influence on her when she was a self-described 14-year-old “awkward black girl" and thanked Rih-Rih for being “a young black woman taking control of the narrative that had already been set for her by the people around her.”

Blogger Ateh Jewel wrote about her relatable struggle to find makeup as a dark-skinned woman and praised Rihanna for giving her children a beauty role model.

“My twin daughters are seven, and they are of mixed heritage with lighter skin and looser curls,” Jewel wrote. “The world is changing for them. At three, they used to cry that they wanted yellow hair like Elsa from Frozen. Now when we walk into beauty halls together, they see faces that look like them shining down, and they feel proud and accepted.”

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