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A Toast to The 90s Classic 'Smart Guy,' Which Is Turning 20

He's a smart guuuy! Duh do. Doo. Duh do-do-do.

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As if you weren't feeling old enough, the television series Smart Guy celebrated its 20th birthday. The 90s classic featured a family that exuded black excellence: a single father who worked hard and was successful, a daughter who was feminist AF, a son who was a hustler by any means necessary and, of course, a son who was essentially a boy genius. It premiered on The WB (and aired for years on the Disney Channel via syndication) to rave reviews and has since become etched in our culture as one of the greatest (and possibly most underrated) black sitcoms we've ever tuned into. Not to mention, that theme song was a certified bop.

Each episode was something to cherish whether it was the hijinks of Marcus and Mo ...

Photo: injeraoverroti

TJ's brain getting him into some sort of crazy situation (and having to be the solution to said crazy situation) ...

Photo: 90sKindOfWorld

Yvette having to snatch somebody's edges and put them in their place ...

Photo: AndPop

Or, a genuinely heartwarming message and moment amongst the family. 

And let's not forget about that episode that featured a little known entertainer named Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.

Photo: 90s90s90s

Happy birthday, "Smart Guy!" We've already signed a petition to get you on Netflix but until then, we'll be on YouTube for a walk down memory lane. 

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