Black Twitter truly makes the world go 'round and this week is no different.

Whether it's reliving a major R&B group's breakup as a hilarious thread, realizing that you are doing better than an artist with a fifth grade education or just celebrating blackness and all of its various expressions, it's time for another week of the greatest tweets online.

While Beyonce has long moved past her DC4 years, Twitter certainly has not. 

Just in case the reference is lost on you...

The Game Of Thrones incestual love affair continues.

That moment when you realize things aren't as bad as they seem.


We covered this thoroughly here, but the statement bears repeating.

When choosing yourself over Beyonce... choose Beyonce.

Sometimes it's all worth it for the reaction.


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The queen shall not be outdone.

Speaking of queens... may we never forget how far this queen of #relationshipgoals has come.


Have these children been watching Bojack Horseman or are they just this lit?

When a basketball legend humbles you publicly.

Never let the silliness of a dance discourage you from giving your all.

And lastly, let's keep our feet on their necks until these hypocrisies come to an end! 

Until next week, fam. 

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