Someone Created A Blue Ivy Parody Instagram And It's Hilarious AF

It's all fun and jokes, y'all.

Photo credit:Blue Ivy Carter / Beyonce's Official Website

| February 22 2017,

1:54 pm

Three words: Blue. Ivy. Carter. Get used to this name because she's here to stay.

The first love child of the greatest rapper alive, Jay Z, and the queen of pop, Beyoncé, steals our heart every chance she gets. Most recently when she showed up to the Grammys in a pink Gucci suit and became the talk of the entire show or when it was announced she was releasing a beauty care line at just 5 years old. We haven't heard Blue say more than a few words but just like most black children, her facial expressions says it all. She is smart, beautiful, sassy, inquisitive and not the one to be played with. 

If you're a fan of The Read podcast, Kid Fury and Crissle offers us some of the best Blue Ivy commentaries you'll ever hear, most recently when it was announced that Blue would become a big sister to two. Before the arrival of the twins, someone made a parody Instagram account for her and it's literally gold. Here are a few of our favorites and please remember folks, it's just jokes.

That time she supervised Grammy rehearsals.

Photo: Instagram

That time she allowed her family to have a seat at her table.

Photo: Instagram

That time she realized she was the real MVP of All-Star Weekend.

Photo: Instagram

Until Blue Ivy is old enough to run her own account, we'll live vicariously through this parody account. If you want to join in on the jokes, follow the account here