If your equilibrium is off and you need to get right, we’ve got a week’s worth of songs to set your balance straight. Welcome back to Soul Sessions — where we share some of our favorite songs on Soundcloud.

Bloss0m – “Black Magic Woman”

Because we all want to wind to some lovely reggae and remember how magical black women are, Bloss0m is here with the musical gems. The song talks about how we’re taking back our right to remain black, which is poetic and spot on. This track is a reminder that our magic is stronger than anything trying to keep us down.

Rudy Currence – “Royal Blue (Remix)”

Rudy Currence is a singer for singers. His tone and riffs are just beautiful. Although I’ve loved the bangers he puts out, this “Royal Blue” takes a jazzier approach. It’s your standard love song about not wanting to be left out in the cold and how wonderful the object of your affection is.

Valley – “Over You”

This song starts out with audio from Tina Campbell. She famously found out about her husband’s infidelity while filming on the Mary Mary reality show, and considered not returning for another season. The audio perfectly sets up a track jam-packed with regret for forgiving a cheater who commits the same betrayal over and over.

Iman Europe – “High Tonight”

We all  decompress in different ways. Some people take a more herbal route to relaxation. This song is a bouncy track about being a certain kind of influence on someone who doesn’t necessarily partake in the herb. We all have that one friend.

Kevin Ross – “Prototype” (Andre 3000 cover)

This cover is very much worth adding to your playlist. I’ve actually heard a lot of covers of this song and was never compelled to write about any of them until now. With beatboxing acting as the drums and heavy layers of vocals acting in an instrumental capacity, there’s room for the lead vocal to go off, which he does.

Duckwrth feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Get Uugly”

When you wanna get busy with that someone but you don’t want to beat around the bush about it, this is the right song to play. This song sounds as though Andre 3000 and Pharrell came together to collaborate and were both inspired by ’80s Prince. Take a listen. You’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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