Soulja Boy has a new television series coming!

It’s 2022 and the rapper is still knocking off his list of firsts. This time, he’s set to be the first rapper to have a series air exclusively on the REVOLT app.

Soulja Boy, known these days as Big Draco, first gained notoriety in September 2007 with his hit “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” with moves to match revolutionizing hip-hop culture as we know it today. One just might say, that the Chicago-born rapper was ahead of his time with his use of social media to market himself as a rapper and rise to the top, way before one could go viral via TikTok.

Now, at age 31, the rapper continues to set trends and the topic of conversations for new generations whether it’s through his success as an emcee, entrepreneur, and beyond. Thanks to a new deal with REVOLT, fans will get an inside peek into his world through Life Of Draco, a six-episode series that showcases his journey as he continues to turn over milestones in his career.

No one does social media and the Internet like Soulja Boy. In fact, it was the former social media giant, MySpace that helped to launch his career.

Today, he’s happy to partner with REVOLT through its app to bring content for fans to see a more intimate side of him outside of just the music.

“It was good to partner with REVOLT because they’ve always supported me and they’ve always just been a dope platform so it was kind of a no-brainer,” said the entertainer when asked how the partnership with the network came to life. “They really believe in the show and I could’ve done the show with anybody, but I wanted the platform to be right and to be represented the right way. I also want my fans to be entertained so I definitely think making them the home for this series was the perfect choice.”

It was also a win for the network to bring the rapper to its platform

“REVOLT is a platform for the most influential voices in culture to express themselves unapologetically,” said the company’s CEO Detavio Samuels. “Soulja Boy is an innovator who has inspired a new generation of artists to pursue their dreams; it only makes sense that he is now the first rapper to have a series exclusively on the REVOLT app.”

Check out the exclusive trailer:

Aside from following Soulja Boy as he navigates life, music, and entrepreneurship, Life Of Draco will give fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content from the latest Millenium Tour where the rapper joined peers like Bow Wow, Omarion, Sammie, and more in several cities across the nation.

“It was a dope experience and it just let me know that I have a lot of fans out there who still love my music til this day,” he recalled. “My catalog is long and I just want to keep it going. It made me want to extend it to where in another 10 years I’ll be doing another Millenium tour. It was definitely an inspiration to perform alongside people that I came up watching on TV. It was a surreal experience for me that I can’t wait to share with fans throughout the show.”

As he looks ahead to what he wants to continue to accomplish with his career that has now spanned close to 15 years, Soulja Boy says that this series is just the beginning.

“This will open up so many opportunities,” he explained. “It will give people a look into my life to see where I’m going and also where I’ve been. I’m definitely trying to get into acting and I want this to start it off. It’s the beginning of the year so just stay tuned because there’s more to come.”

Life Of Draco premieres Friday January 21st @ 5 p.m. ET exclusively on the REVOLT app. Watch the trailer below: