We’ll have to wait a little long for that Spike Lee/Bradford Young director/DP collaboration some have been hoping for, because Spike tells The Hollywood Reporter that he’s brought on DP Sean Bobbitt – who not only shot Spike’s upcoming Oldboy adaptation, but also Steve McQueen’s 12 Years A Slave – to shoot his still untitled Kickstarter-funded Spike Lee joint.

And for you gear-heads out there, Spike adds that Bobbitt will be shooting with Sony’s F55 4K – a camera gunning for the RED One 4K and Arri Alexa.

“I love film, but the budget dictates how you do it,” Lee said “Our last two films were digital.”

Spike raised just over $1.4 million to make the film, which currently boast Michael K. WilliamsStephen Tyrone Williams (the film’s male lead) and Zaraah Abrahams (the film’s leading lady), as cast members.

Also, Raphael Saadiq will compose the film’s soundtrack.

We still don’t have a plot, other than what we already know about the film’s focus on human beings addicted to blood (although it’s not a vampire movie).