St. Louis’ Democratic primary election on Tuesday, August 7, marked a win for residents hoping for some semblance of change. 

CBS News reports Ferguson City Council member Wesley Bell, a black man, will be taking the county’s top prosecutor seat from longtime prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch, who, in 2014, decided not to bring charges against former police officer Darren Wilson in the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Sitting in the prosecutor's post since 1991, McCulloch has served seven terms, Time reports. 

McCulloch’s decision not to charge Wilson brought the 67-year-old attorney to infamy across the nation as people felt justice had once again failed to be served. That verdict may have also cost him his seat as voters very clearly have demanded change in the form of Bell. 

According to HuffPost, as top prosecutor, Bell seeks to get rid of the cash bail system for nonviolent offenses, advocate against the death penalty and take on mandatory minimums for certain crimes. 

The 43-year-old won in a 57 to 43 percent victory, according to Time. Because no Republicans were on the ballot, Bell is guaranteed to win the prosecuting attorney bid in November.

Bell's victory has put Ferguson back in the limelight nearly four years after Michael Brown's killing. The council member has made it clear his goal is to incite unity amid a divided climate. 

“There’s too much divisiveness, too much division in this county, in this region,” Bell said in a video posted on his campaign Facebook page. “We’ve got to start bringing people together.”

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