Stacey Abrams came for all the smoke as the guest co-host on The View this week and brilliantly schooled conservatives Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman.

Abrams, following a controversial Georgia loss that would've crowned her America's first Black female governor, shared her opinions on the show.

The spiciest exchange occurred during the political discussion, of course, when Abrams addressed questions related to identity politics and the Mueller report.

“I wonder your thoughts on the Democratic Party leading into 2020,” Huntsman began the conversation. “Are you concerned that there’s going to be too much of a focus on duking it out, identity politics, focusing on investigations?"

Huntsman insinuated that Georgia voters are far less concerned with what's going on in the news than they are with what's happening in their homes.

"What advice do you have for Democrats who are maybe missing that connection?” she asked.

“‘Identity politics’ means, yes, I want health care, but I need you to understand why I’m not getting it," Abrams replied. "Am I not getting it because I live in a rural community where you don’t invest in it? Or am I not getting it because I’m a Black woman and maternal mortality is now at the top of the list, and that’s why Black women are the most likely to die from giving birth?"

"Identity is simply saying, 'I see you, and I see the obstacles to you getting the things that all of us want,'” she continued. "What I look for in this Democratic primary are conversations that say, we see all of you. Because if we want people to turn out and vote in November, they have to be seen long before that."

After breaking down identity politics to an elementary level, the undecided presidential hopeful didn't hesitate to silence naysayers accusing Democrats of being whiny.

In speaking about the infamous probe into the 2016 election, Abrams took on McCain about the reasons Democrats are not satisfied with the presented results.

The Spelman College alum recently commented on the four-page released summary of the reported 700-page investigation, saying, “It’s like having your brother summarize your report card to your parents.” 

“Americans want to know what happened,” Abrams expounded on her initial reaction. “Anything that’s classified that needs to be redacted can be redacted. But the truth of the matter should be made public. You should not have someone who disparaged the process being the person who determines whether we get to see it.”

“Every Democrat said ‘Wait for the Mueller report,’ and now it comes out and it seems like Democrats don’t like the results,” McCain quipped.

“We don’t know what the results of [the Mueller report] are,” Abrams responded, shutting down McCain's attempt to speak again. “We know the results of the summary of a reading of the report by a partisan who was just appointed by the person who is the subject of the report. That's a problem,” Abrams said to much applause.

"[T]he Mueller report was not simply about collusion,” Abrams continued, ripping into McCain who questioned why Mueller's conclusion that collusion didn't occur wasn't enough.

Abrams explained the investigation wasn't only about Trump's possible collusion but about a nation. “That was a pundit summary of a complicated question which was happening preceding the 2016 election. I don’t know the answer because I haven’t seen the report.”

On Tuesday, Salon reported a third resolution was blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell that would have allowed the release of the full report Wednesday.

Most recently, it was revealed that Abrams had met with Joe Biden among other presidential hopefuls to discuss the possibility of running in the 2020 election, as Blavity reported. On the show, Abrams admitted that she had not yet decided to run for president, senator or governor again, but she did say, "You don't run for second place," insinuating that she wouldn't be putting in the work to become vice president.

Watch the full video below:

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