The people of the America have been bamboozled into electing Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. 

Despite the disgusting comments, bigotry and hate speeches throughout his campaign, Americans decided to elect Trump, a reality TV star, underqualified, man-baby. 

Since the gut-wrenching news on November 9, 2016, many of us have been carefully avoiding Inauguration Day. Notwithstanding our procrastination, Inauguration day is, in fact, approaching. 

These are the 10 stages of coping with Inauguration Day: 

Stage 1: Denial

Simply pretending this isn't actually happening  

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Stage 2: Grief

Extreme sadness for everyone who risks losing their lives, health insurance, and stability in the next four years. 

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Stage 3: Anger

Like how could Americans really do this? 

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Stage 4: Conviction

Organizing everyone you know, and dedicating your life to fighting the power. 

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Stage 5: Powerlessness

Feeling like you can't make any dents in the system. 

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Stage 6: Apathy

Let this shit burn. 

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Stage 7: Desperation

Apathy runs out and you pray for a miracle that somehow derails the entire inauguration. 

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Stage 8: Grief (strikes again)

 When you see natural disasters happening all over the world and realize America elected a climate change denier. 

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Stage 9: Anxiety

Reaching a level of acceptance with what's about to happen, still nervous, but trying to hold it together. 

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Stage 10: Transcendence

Acknowledging all of the emotions above as real and valid, remaining steadfast in your resistance and no matter what happens knowing that we'll be alright. 

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