Rapper Oh Boy Prince, one-fourth of the GS Boyz best known for their hit song “Stanky Leg,” was recently involved in a car accident.

While recently speaking with The Shade Room Teens, the musician (whose real name is Matthew Griffith) revealed the accident occurred as he and his girlfriend, Unique Musick, were en route to an interview in Dallas.

The two were driving in the far left lane on Interstate 30 when the brake pad from an 18-wheeler broke loose and hit Griffith’s windshield. It then hit the car’s dashboard and hit the rapper in the face, knocking him unconscious.

Musick quickly realized what had happened and grabbed the wheel, steering the car to safety.

The rapper eventually regained consciousness, and the pair called 911.

Oh Boy Prince and Musick recounted the accident with The Shade Room Teens.

“I was at a loss for words,” he said. “I guess I was numb. The impact fractured the bones in my face and right eye socket, so they had to put plates in my face, and screws and wires in my jaw.”

Musick added, “All I could think about is my son being without his parents, so my main focus was getting us to safety as quickly as possible and getting Prince help.”

After the accident, Oh Boy Prince was transported to the hospital, where he stayed for five days and underwent three surgeries to reconstruct his face and mouth.