Senator Nina Turner (D) plays no games!

During a recent CNN roundtable, the Ohio state senator promptly schooled political commentator Mary Katharine Ham on racism in America. The education began after Ham brushed off the country's current focus on racism and racist incidents as a "midterm pitch" by Democrats looking to retake Congress.

"Next year will be 400 years since the first Africans were brought to this continent as slaves, so it's not a pitch, it's a reality in this country," Turner responded. "The fact that you're taking such a cavalier attitude about the suffering of black and brown people in this country is appalling."

Turner didn't stop there. She went on to point out how the color of Ham's skin allows her to ignore racism if she so chooses.  

"You have the luxury of being cavalier about [racism], but my folks don't have the luxury of being cavalier about it," Turner continued.

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Ham kept trying to interject saying she understood her point, but Turner wasn't letting her off that easily.

"No, you don't understand my point because you've never lived a day in my shoes or the shoes of my ancestors," Turner said.


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Ham further talked out of turn when she kept trying to sell America as the "freest country in the world." 

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"See you're talking about this through a political lens, I'm talking about this through a life lens," Turner retorted with a figurative mic drop.  

You can check out the full exchange below!

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