Steph Curry has teamed up with his sponsor Under Armour to provide a seven-figure upgrade to his childhood recreational center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

ESPN reports Curry asked the brand to use the money it had budgeted for 2019 NBA All-Star Game parties to restore the Carole Hoefener Center. Under Armour agreed and partnered with Chase Bank, the Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family Foundation and the NBA's Player's Association to raise the money needed for the renovations.

Steph's father, former NBA star Dell Curry, said his son wanted to use the All-Star Weekend to make a lasting impact.

"It's easy to throw a party and have fun," Dell Curry said. "But to put the dollars back in the community, and have something that will last long after the All-Star Game is over — that party is just a one-night thing."

Curry has a special connection to the center that is used by the community for everything from volleyball games to business meetings. He said he and his brother, Portland Trail Blazer Seth Curry, spent countless hours playing basketball at the facility as children.

"Charlotte means everything to me," Curry said. "This is where I learned to play the game. So many people in the city got to watch me grow up in the game."

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The NBA champ said he found a new appreciation for the center as an adult.

"We picked the Carole Hoefener Center for a specific reason," Steph said. "Their priorities are very similar to our family's, in terms of giving people equal opportunities in education, access to knowledge about nutrition and wellness and having a safe and inspiring place to play."

According to Bleacher Report, the 20-year-old recreational center has received an upgrade to its multipurpose gymnasium, as well as significant improvements to its bathrooms, locker rooms and conference halls. The building's infrastructure (particularly its ceilings and flooring) has also been reinforced.

Newly created spaces include Ayesha Curry's "Curry Kitchen" dedicated to healthy eating and a "Curry Court" for those needing to spend time practicing their three-pointers. The Chase Education Space is also a new area in which children can develop their STEM skills.

The center officially reopened Friday ahead of the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte. The North Carolina center has a full month of family events, classes and workshops to introduce the community to the space.

Curry reportedly plans to spend time with the students at the center during his return to the city on February 25 for the Warriors vs. Hornets game.

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