Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is slated to speak at the economic policy summit in Washington, D.C., for the super PAC Black Americans for a Better Future. According to the invitation, the gathering will offer "a Republican vision for creating opportunities for black entrepreneurs."

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is also on the schedule for the summit on Sept. 26.

The super PAC is run by Raynard Jackson, an African American GOP consultant. The group has received most of its funding from wealthy, white GOP donors, including one of Trump's biggest supporters Robert Mercer.

Jackson described Bannon to the Huffington Post as a "good friend," and also said Bannon is a lot of things but "racist ain't one of them," despite his previous and recent actions and his involvement with Breitbart, a platform for the alt-right. 

“Steve and I have conversations about black entrepreneurs all the time,” Jackson said. “Again, most people forget about Steve having a Wall Street background. Steve understands the economics of the small business community better than a lot of people in this town.”

Jackson said he isn't concerned about Bannon's reputation being a problem with the audience during the summit and brushed off Breitbart content that emphasizes the support of the Confederate flag and the Confederate statues scattered throughout the United States.

While Jackson isn't concerned about Bannon's reputation and obvious disregard for the black community, we don't need any more proof that all skinfolk ain't kinfolk.