Bevel, a Black male grooming product line, launched an extension of its brand on Monday.

The product line, which was tailored for Black men and their specific grooming needs, originally launched in 2013. They eventually released their first set of clippers in 2016. The clippers were created to tame coarse and coily hair while preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps, an issue many Black men often face.  

Tristan Walker, the company's founder, posted on Instagram announcing the launch of the new products. 

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[READ. This is big!] Launch Day • Today, @BEVEL becomes the first and only brand delivering head to toe grooming solutions that prioritizes the needs of black men, first. @BEVEL’s aim is to be the #1 trusted brand delivering personal care solutions to our community. Today, with the introduction of 11 new products, in addition to two new categories (Body / Hair to complement Skin / Shave), we’re one step closer. Each product (every 👏🏾 single 👏🏾 one 👏🏾), like those that came before, targets unique problems that have gone unsolved for consumers by other brands...until today. No more neglect. We’re launching a hydrating and Exfoliating Body Wash (3 scents, dermatologist tested and can be used by men with sensitive skin. Two of these scents are online exclusives), Exfoliating Bar Soap (best I’ve ever used), All Day Lotion (no need to reapply, improved moisture barrier, resists dryness), An Aluminum Free Deodorant (a clinically proven BREAKTHROUGH product: 48+ hours of protection, penetrates coarse + curly hair, and is streak free), a Face Serum treatment (an online exclusive: the first of its kind made for black men and my FAVORITE product in the line up and pairs well with our moisturizing gel), Sulfate Free Shampoo (that *actually* lathers unlike some other brands out there), and a Sulfate Free Conditioner, Beard Oil, and a Beard Softener (+leave in). Amazing work from the Walker & Company team and extended @proctergamble family who continues to support this mission. Our innovation won’t stop and it’ll come even faster. We haven’t slept. We won’t sleep. We will earn that #1 trusted brand spot from our consumers within the categories we’re serving them. This is a particularly special moment for me as my sons and I, officially and exclusively, use Bevel for *all* of my and my sons’ needs. My family will grow up knowing nothing else. And it feels good. One more thing: Starting next month, you’ll see Bevel, nationwide, distributed across a number of great retail partners excited about the brand. The number of doors we are in will more than 10x. We’ll have more to share soon. In the meantime, check us out at

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Coincidentally, Steve Harvey happened to stop by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday and gave the brand some very timely, yet error-ridden promo. 

When talking about the viral video of his grooming routine captured by his son, Harvey mentioned "Brevel" as a core component of his shaving routine. 

"I'm doing my mustache, it's a private moment, my son was in the dressing room, I'm in Africa and I don't know that he's doing this," Harvey said of the video. 

To the comical chagrin of the 62-year-old, his son posted the video and it quickly made its rounds throughout the cybersphere. 

"All the comments were 'Steve Harvey uses a Brevel.' It's a cordless clipper and so that went viral," the entertainer said of the product. "And so I'm only here for one reason...a Brevel sponsorship." 

Walker likely couldn't have asked for a more timely promo — just a more accurate one. But it looks like "he'll take it." 

Walker said their new products include a hydrating body wash, exfoliating bar soap, lotion, aluminum-free deodorant,  face serum, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, beard oil and a beard leave-in. Walker said the body wash can be used by men with sensitive skin and comes in three different scents, black bergamot, dark cassis and supreme oak. 

The face serum is also said to help reduce dark spots and discoloration. 

"Our innovation won’t stop and it’ll come even faster. We haven’t slept. We won’t sleep. We will earn that #1 trusted brand spot from our consumers within the categories we’re serving them," Walker said on Instagram.

Bevel, which is now the first and only brand providing head-to-toe grooming products for Black men, aims to "prioritizes the needs of Black men." Previously the line only included shaving and skin products.

Walker also announced on Monday that the men's grooming line will be available nationwide in various stores. 

The founder said he was inspired to create the brand after being deferred to a shelf of products for Black men and women. 

“It’s not really an aisle, it’s a shelf,” he told Forbes. “Then you have to reach to the bottom of that shelf for a package that’s dirty, and then there’s the photo of a 45-year-old bald black guy in a towel on it … that entire second class citizen experience needs to go.”

Back in 2013, rapper Nas became an investor for the brand.

“I've had the chance to spend some time with Tristan and I’m so impressed with how Walker & Company has been shaping up. I actually happened to be the first person he ever pitched his company to,” Nas said. “As a black man, there are many challenges when it comes to proper grooming and the experience Bevel gives you is one I’ve been envisioning for us all for a lifetime.”

Bevel was acquired by Procter & Gamble in 2018, according to Cincinnati Business Courier. 

In 2019, the consumer company released an ad tackling America's battle with implicit racial bias. The ad shows a Black man going through his day where he is given suspicious looks and even shut out of an elevator simply because of his race.

The company said the ad was released to “educate and continue the conversation on how unconscious bias plays a role in society today.”

We'll keep you all posted on whether any Harvey-"Brevel" sponsorships come to fruition.