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Posted under: News Politics

This British Singer Has Agreed To Perform At Trump's Inauguration — With One Huge Catch

Rebecca Ferguson is trying to make a point.

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Donald Trump's team is working overtime to get performers for the presidential inauguration. Even though performing for the new president should be seen as an honor, lots of celebrities aren't here for it. Only a few "celebrities" have agreed to perform, such as America's Got Talent runner-up Jackie Evancho. Trump may have gotten lucky though.  

2010 UK X Factor runner-up, Rebecca Ferguson, has agreed to perform but only under a condition. Ferguson will only perform if she is allowed to sing "Strange Fruit" by Billie Holiday. 


She announced her decision on Twitter, saying, "I've been asked and this is my answer. If you allow me to sing "Strange Fruit" a song that has huge historical importance, a song that was blacklisted in the United States for being too controversial. A song that speaks to all the disregarded and downtrodden black people in the United States. A song that is a reminder of how love is the only thing that will conquer all the hatred in this world, then I will graciously accept your invitation and see you in Washington." 

"Strange Fruit" was written in 1937 by Abel Meeropool, after seeing the infamous 1930 photo of two black men lynched in Marion, Indiana. Meeropool was a teacher, poet and social activist who was deeply moved and saddened by the strange fruit he saw hanging from the trees. 

Billie Holiday recorded and performed the song that was soon blacklisted in the United States. Apparently, the truth about racism in the U.S. needed to be a hidden one. Amazing how history repeats itself. Now, Ferguson wants to perform the same controversial song that she says speaks to the marginalized people in the U.S. 

Trump's team has not responded to Ferguson's counteroffer, and time is winding down. Can you imagine strange fruit blasting over the sound system of the National Mall? Hopefully, there's a large number of jars in stock in D.C. so we can collect the white tears. 

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