Sukihana went silent for a while after the kissing incident with YK Osiris. Now she is finally opening up about the uncomfortable situation. 

During a recent interview on The Armon Wiggin’s Show, Sukihana spoke about the forced kiss and how it embarrassed her. 

The Love & Hip Hop star told Wiggins she was filming for a podcast during a basketball game and she and the rapper had been speaking before the incident. 

“We were chopping it up and flirting. He’s a playful boy, he’s young,” she said.

She stated that this was the first time she met the rapper but didn’t catch any bad vibes during their initial interaction. 

Sukihana admitted she was a little taken aback when he began massaging her shoulders. However, she didn’t want to seem problematic while filming what she called “a big opportunity” for her. 

The mother of three continued with empathetic reasoning that YK possibly “didn’t read the room” before going in for the kiss. 

“He had reached in for a kiss, and it was like ‘he don’t really know who I am. Like he don’t know how I do,'” she said. “And I know that he’s not a bad person because I’m a Scorpio, so we’re telepathic, so I feel when people are good people.” 

She continued, “So I just feel like maybe he didn’t read the room as good and it’s okay people make mistakes.” 

Sukihana, whose real name is Destiny Lanette Henderson, recalled the moment she had to leave in order to process what had just happened.


“I don’t know the feelings that I felt, I can’t explain them, but I did feel a little bit uncomfortable,” she said. “I left set and I didn’t continue filming.”

“I went to my room and I was crying a little bit. … I didn’t say that I wanted him to do that,” she added. “Because I felt like I was a little bit embarrassed.”

Sukihana stated the incident happened days before it hit social media, and she wishes it wouldn’t have gotten the attention it did.

“Personally, I wanted to just sweep it under the rug. When it came out, it was crazy because they were coming for me a lot and I haven’t even said anything about it … before he even apologized, I already forgave him,” she said.

The social media star did clarify that her choosing to forgive YK didn’t mean that other victims of sexual abuse should do the same, but “as a woman of God,” she felt she had to.
“I forgive him because I could see the playfulness in him and I see the human in him and I know that he genuinely didn’t mean anything about it,” she said.
Blavity covered the incident and shared since-deleted tweets that Sukihana issued addressing the incident. Shortly after, YK issued a public apology stating that he was “embarrassed” by his behavior.

Sukihana concluded her feelings on the topic with Wiggins, saying that despite social media’s urges, she chose not to press charges on YK and still feels that he is a good person.

You can watch Sukihana’s full interview with Armon Wiggins below.