The club was cute when you were 25 and under, but now you’re looking for something a little less uber-ratchet and a little more sophisti-ratchet (I mean, you still wanna at least twerk in your seat with your mimosa in hand). Parties need to turn down slightly in order for you to enjoy them, and although day parties can seem just as crowded as the club, they’re more your scene now. Here’s a few tips for how to maximize your inner (day) party animal.

Alternate between water and mimosas

Those few times you got super drunk and fell in the club were kind of okay because it was dark and your girls quickly helped you up and into the bathroom without many people noticing. If you decide to forget your limits here and end up busting your butt, your fall from grace will be fully lit — literally. Know your limits and drink plenty of water.

Venture outside your group of friends

Day parties are cool because people are less “on the prowl” and more relaxed. It’s a great place to casually network or just get to know new people. If you spend the entire time cozied up to the friends that you see all the time, you’ll diminish the fun you could have been having. Walk up to a few groups of strangers and introduce yourself. Even if they end up being rude, you’ll survive. Your group of friends is still there waiting.

Bring out the color

Don’t be afraid to get it popping with some beautifully bright colors or rich prints. Again, this is a social event in the light of day, so unlike the club, there’s no presumed requirement that it be dark, tight, and short. Remember all of those gorgeous, flowy maxi dresses you’ve been collecting in your closet? Break one out and sashay through the day party!

Eat before you go

Although some day parties boast drinks and snacks, most of the time it’s just fruit, cheese and crackers. Make sure you have a meal that’s substantial enough to get you through the party without feeling famished. This will also help you balance your alcohol intake if you choose to drink. You should never drink on an empty stomach.


The worst day parties are the ones where everyone is just standing around looking at each other with a drink in their hand while the DJ is working so hard to keep the soundtrack hot. Even if you just two-step for a few songs with your group of friends, the party will be so much livelier if someone is on the dance floor.

Ultimately, your day party experience is what you make it. Follow this guide and you’re sure to not just survive, but thrive at your next one!

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