The fashion world loves to bite and "to be influenced."

Fresh off of Gucci helping itself to Dapper Dan's work, Balenciaga, a French luxury fashion house founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga, has been accused yet again of bootlegging another brand's designs.

Allure reports that this time, it's none other than Kasseem Dean, better known as, Swizz Beatz, calling out Balenciaga.

The rapper and producer and former Alicia Keys husband is accusing the house of ripping off a shirt designed by Ruff Ryders, a record label owned by his relatives.

The rapper and producer put the French fashion house on blast on Saturday via Instagram by posting a picture of the shirt modeled at Balenciaga's Fall/Winter ’18 menswear show at Paris Fashion Week.

The plagiarism might be cultural; both Gucci and Balenciaga are owned by fashion conglomerate Kering.

The "Fancy" producer and mogul followed up his firts post with a picture of the original Ruff Ryder design in comparison to that of Balenciaga's.

It seems as though Swizz has not the intention of letting this one go until Balenciaga is held accountable for their alleged plagiarism. And might we add that a Balenciaga fashion school in the Bronx or Harlem sounds amazing ...

The brand has yet to respond to Swizz's allegations.