Rapper and singer T-Pain launched his musical career in the early 2000s and changed the industry with his infamous auto-tune feature. While he released several top-charting hits, he recently opened up about not making money on his 2007 hit single “Buy U a Drank.”

The artist, born Faheem Rashad Najm, whose stage name is short for “Tallahassee Pain,” revealed the surprising information on a podcast show shared in an X (formerly Twitter) clip. He said he never received publishing funds from the song.

“Have y’all looked up the publishing on “Buy U a Drank?” the 38-year-old asked what appeared to be co-hosts of a podcast show.

He continued: “Publishing-wise, I probably get no money from ‘Buy U a Drank.’ So all those things I said in ‘Buy U a Drank’ that were from other songs, all those people and writers from the other songs said they were owed s**t from my song.”

T-Pain said he paid homage to artists he respected in the song. However, they believed they were owed money from the track and sought after it.

“So like ‘money in the bank,’ I had Scrappy and his writers came for that,” he said. “‘Snap your fingers, do your step,’ Lil’ Jon, E-40 and everybody on that song came for me. I was like, ‘Gotdamn, what’s going on? It’s OUR money in the bank.”

In February, Blavity reported T-Pain had announced his new album, On Top of the Covers, featuring renditions of songs from legendary artists such as Sam Cooke and Frank Sinatra. 

“These songs are not what you’d expect when you hear that T-Pain is doing a covers album and that is what I think is cool about it,” he said in an interview with Rolling Stone

The rapper-singer’s newest project was released on March 17.