For 23 years, retail brand Torrid has been on the frontline for representation and inclusivity in the plus-size fashion industry.

The brand is revered for providing access to trendy clothes at reasonable prices and celebrating the shape and size of everybody. In May, the brand continued its mission of making plus-size representation the norm by launching its most extensive search ever and first nationwide casting call since 2017. Traveling to more than 100 in-person casting calls across North America, Torrid welcomes shoppers to participate in person and digitally. Participants will have the chance to be featured in 2025 brand campaigns and sign with a top global modeling agency. 

Torrid takes pride in having its customers as the brand’s face, emphasizing its commitment to showcasing and celebrating body diversity. The search rules indicate that those interested should be “open to create” and “inspired” by Torrid and its mission to increase the standards of inclusivity. One month is left for hopefuls to check out live casting parties in their cities and enter their digital submissions

Blavity caught up with model and content creator Tabria Majors as the search enters its home stretch. Majors has been a long-time Torrid partner and championed the brand’s efforts to embrace size inclusivity and truly and adequately represent plus-size individuals.


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Torrid has been at the forefront of plus-size fashion for over two decades. How significant is the return of the casting call to its brand?  

Tabria Majors: The last time that Torrid had their casting call was in 2017, so it was quite a while ago, and I think so much has changed in the industry, especially when it comes to plus-size modeling. It’s really important that they’rebringing this casting call back to provide the opportunity and access for the next person who is an aspiring model. I think it’s a really fun, engaging way, but also a tangible way that somebody can get their foot in the door because, with modeling, there’s no clear-cut way to becoming a model. It’s like, if it happens for you, it happens for you! It’s very much dependent on luck, I’ll say, and this is a way that you can take steps yourself to try and make that happen. I think it’simportant that they do it, and I’m excited to be a part of it. 

How do you think this opportunity impacts Torrid’s relationship with its customers?  

TM: I think it’s a great way for Torrid customers to engage more with the brand because not only is it about the five live casting calls, but there will also be tons of events held at more than 100 stores nationwide. You can find all the information on the website, which will list all the locations and everything happening there. It’s a great way, outside of providing an opportunity for the potential winner, whoever that may be, to engage with the customers and for them to talk with each other and connect with me and other models and creators attending these events. It’s a great way to get tips and tricks about the industry because even if this particular opportunity doesn’t work out for you, you will learn a lot about how to make this happen for yourself. So yeah, there’s a ton of opportunity there all around. 


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We’ve seen changes in access to fashionable plus-size clothes, but there are still disparities. What will change this, and how can consumers demand it? 

TM: This is a disheartening reality about the plus-size industry because I started my modeling career nearly ten years ago, and it seemed like we were making great strides initially. But now, there seems to be a kind of regression regarding inclusivity in fashion. It’s unfortunate because it seemed like we were making great headway initially, but we’re coming to  the realization that it was just a “trend.” Many brands tried to be politically correct and get in on the “trend” of body inclusivity. I really don’t know what more we can do as a community and as consumers to demand access to fashion. I follow so many great creators who are outspoken about these issues, I’m outspoken about them, and I honestly don’t know what else can be done. But that’s why I am grateful for brands like Torrid, who cater to and prioritize the plus-size community and provide opportunities and access that they wouldn’t have otherwise. So, I hope for a future where I can go into any store and find a pair of pants that fit, but until then, I’m fighting the good fight with everybody else.

Do you remember your first model call? Was there anything exciting/embarrassing? 

TM: Yes, I remember I went on a similar model casting call nine years ago. I remember feeling really out of my element, even though they tried to make the environment as comfortable as possible. It was very intimidating to me back then! And looking back now, it was so basic. I could have walked in there, done a few poses and be done. But I was looking up posing videos before I went on set to take my photos. I just tried to go with the flow as much as possible and act like I knew what I was doing. And I remember getting many compliments on my movement; they said, “You’ve never done this before? You move pretty well.” And I was  like, “Oh, thank you, I watched a few YouTube videos before I came here!” But it was a really cool experience. I went and got my hair and makeup done; I had never had that happen before. And it was nice to feel all glitz and glam for a day. I truly didn’t think anything would come of it. I thought I would do this, and if something came from it, great! But I was fully prepared to return to my day job at a production company. But I ended up winning, and it’s been uphill ever since.

You’ve been very vocal about accurately representing plus-size models and body-positive images in fashion and media. How do you feel Torrid contributes to that? 

TM: Well, I think Torrid is one of the few brands that actually uses a diverse range of body types, not even just plus-size models, but different sized plus-size models. I think they do a really great job with that because typically, you will see plus size or “curve” models or “midsize,” there are so many terms nowadays, but you will see a model represented in an inclusive campaign, and they have a certain body type, whether it’s hourglass or a pear shape, that is deemed more socially acceptable. Torrid doesn’t really subscribe to those ideals. Certainly, they will have girls with those body types, but they will also have “apple body” types and people who are all of different shapes and sizes. I think they’re at the forefront of inclusivity when it comes to plus-size fashion, and it’s a brand that I will always support because of that.

As a model and content creator, you know firsthand the ins and outs of being comfortable on camera. Do you have any advice for anyone interested in the model call? 

TM: Yeah — I know it’s easier said than done, but don’t be nervous. Just act like you are sending these photos and videos to a friend and relax. You’re just talking; it’s purely conversational. I’m not saying this just for the Torrid casting call, but in many of the model casting calls I do in my everyday career, the brands are looking at your personality, not only what you look like, but how you present yourself on camera. And it is important for you to be comfortable in front of the camera. It’s kind of like you’re an actor, even though you’re taking static images. You know, video imagery is also very important in the fashion world, too, so act like you’re talking to a friend or just act like you’re making a video for your socials and relax, breathe; it’s fine. You have nothing to worry about. There are tons of other people who are in this with you, and they’re just as nervous as you are. So yeah, take it easy. You got this!

Although everyone wants to win, what do you hope potential models get from participating in the casting call? 

TM: I think everyone attending the casting call is going to gain a lot of great insight into how to present yourself. You’ll get many opportunities to ask questions about modeling, how to submit photos, lighting, angles, and how to present on video. It’s going to be a quick crash course into the world of modeling, but even more niche than that, into the world of casting because that is ultimately what’s going to get you to the next level. Everybody has to be cast, no matter how well-known you are. So, it will be a great opportunity for you to engage with us as models and creators, with other peers around you and with people going through this process with you.