Tamera Mowry-Housley is getting real about The Real, including how hearing the theme song made her want to throw up for three years due to anxiety.

Ahead of the release of her book, YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN FOR THIS: A Memoir about Life, Wine, + Cookie, the actress and former talk show host opened up about life in the spotlight. For years, Mowry-Housley struggled with insecurities and letting her guard down but thanks to her stint on Fox’s syndicated talk show The Real, the actress was able to find her voice while creating a unique path for her future.

Tamera Mowry-Housley realized her voice 'mattered' while co-hosting 'The Real'

While speaking with Essence about her new memoir, Mowry-Housley shared that she struggled to speak for herself in her early years.

It wasn’t until she began co-hosting Fox’s The Real that the actress realized she had a voice and opinions that mattered.

"For at least three years, every single time I heard ‘This Is Our Time,’ I thought I was going to throw up! I wasn’t used to speaking my voice," she shared. "I always spoke others’ words. As an actress, I would speak whatever is on that page."

Mowry-Housley continued, “I did speak in church. I always spoke about my faith. That was easy. But I never spoke about my life, or lessons that I’ve learned other than my faith. Not my dating life, my sexual life, or my opinions on other people. It was very new and daunting for me. but in that process, I realized: ‘Whoa. I actually do have something to say and I shouldn’t be afraid of it.’”

'The Real' helped Mowry-Housley realize 'the power of being vulnerable.'

Though opening herself up to viewers while co-hosting The Real caused some anxiety for Tamera Mory-Housley, being on the show made her realize just how impactful her voice really is.

"Every day I was exposing something of myself, and there was a tagline about it, whether I wanted it to happen or not," the actress explained.

“But I realized the power of being vulnerable, and what I mean by ‘power’ is that that’s when you resonate with people. For me, I don’t do things just to do them. Not for self-glorification. That never felt comfortable.”

She added, "The core of what I do is I always want to encourage, inspire. I’m not just saying things to hear myself talk.”

YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN FOR THIS: A Memoir about Life, Wine, + Cookies is available at book retailers everywhere.